Arbitration Guidelines

Arbitration Criteria

  • All vehicles sold for $2,000.00 or less are sold "AS IS," meaning no changes or exceptions
  • All vehicles 10 years and older are sold "miles-exempt" from arbitration
  • Malfunctioning odometers must be arbitrated 7 days from the day of sale
  • Identification number issues must be arbitrated on day of sale
  • Titan will not arbitrate vehicles with claims related to visual damage, hail, weather, broken glass, or paint work
  • Titan will not arbitrate vehicles with claims related to shocks, brakes, ABS light, check engine light, airbag light, or any other warning light, electrical (power windows, sunroof, power seats, computers, etc), leaky gaskets, tires, alignment, or any interior problems
  • Vehicles sold for less than $2,000.00 can be arbitrated for frame damage and/or cracked block
  • Vehicles cannot be arbitrated for windshield markings or auction pre-sale lists
  • If a title is different than represented on the day of sale
  • Pre-sales (if's) cannot be arbitrated

Titan Auto Auction, LLC attempts to comply with all with all NAAA rules.

Latest News

Auction Time Change

Titan Auto Auction start time has changed! As of 30 June 2014, our auction will begin at 6:00pm, every Monday evening.

Titan Auto Auction Now Open!

With the restoration complete, Titan is now open! Come by and take a look!

Titan restoration complete!

Come by and see the improvements we have made, both inside and out!