Post Sale Inspection


  • Frame Only: $35 - (7 Day)
    • Any unit running under Red Light
      • Conventional Frame and/or Unibody

  • Drive Train Only: $75 - (3 Day)
    • Any unit running under Green Light with 125,000 + miles
      • Inspect: Engine, Transmission, Drive Line(Rear-End or Drive Axle), Frame
      • No A/C or Brake Inspection
      • One item must exceed $500 to Arbitrate.

  • Mech/Frame: $65 - (3 Day), $95 - (7 Day), $125 - (14 Day)
    • Any unit running under Green Light with 124,999 miles or less
      • Inspect: Engine, Transmission, Odometer, Frame, A/C, Brakes, late model Ford engine and Chrysler Jeep 3 day, to be provided by Titan
      • One item must exceed $500 to Arbitrate

  • Internet Purchase Promo: 7 day $65 for Green light units under 125,000 miles*
    *If any other PSI requested or 125,000+ miles, regular rates apply.
  • Lights: Titan does not arbitrate for Warning Lights including but not limited to: Engine, Airbag, ABS, Traction, and Service Ride.

Arbitration Fee: $100

Units will automatically be Red Light if 125,000 + miles or below $2000 unless represented by Seller differently on the block.

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Auction Time Change

Titan Auto Auction start time has changed! As of 30 June 2014, our auction will begin at 6:00pm, every Monday evening.

Titan Auto Auction Now Open!

With the restoration complete, Titan is now open! Come by and take a look!

Titan restoration complete!

Come by and see the improvements we have made, both inside and out!